Graphix Advertising, LLC. Specials

Call or email us about current specials from different vendors that we represent. If you need assistance with finding a specific item or a budget and event call 870-931-3131 and  we'll help you.  We have over a million promotional products.  Even if you have seen a product on another website, in a catalog, or a direct mail piece we'll have the same product and even more to choose from.

GRAPHIX will be happy to tell you what products we recommend or what our other customers order. Each month there is a good selection of BRANDED merchandise on sale! AND remember that new products are introduced daily.

We have artist and graphic designers with years of experience! GRAPHIX can help you with logo design, technical / product drawings, cartoon mascots, and print media design.  Whatever art or designs are needed, we can show you examples of our similar projects creations!  ****Just call 870-931-3131****